Opa! Opa!

Featured: Inside Sacramento – East Sac

Phil Courey was raised on the classic Mediterranean dishes he features in his lively and colorful East Sacramento neighborhood restaurant. Opa! Opa! delivers the spirit, variety and freshness of Greek dining with dishes that highlight roasted lamb and marinated chicken, yogurt, spinach, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese. House specialties include spanakopita with feta and spinach, and dolmathes—the delicacy of stuffed grape leaves ubiquitous in the Mediterranean. Another traditional Greek favorite is gyro—spiced and tender, with a dip of tzatziki, carved from a cone of beef and lamb. The restaurant has a companion dessert shop called Sweeties, where classic baklava is served along with cupcakes, bars and cappuccinos.

5644 J Street
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