Boxed In

CSA members harvest the best local foods

By Tessa Marguerite Outland
April 2021

Few things beat picking a ripe tomato from the backyard or biting into a juicy pear from your own fruit tree. But for those without time or space for their own gardens, the next best thing is Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA is a partnership between a farm and a group of subscribing members, and creates a relationship between the production and consumption of farmed food. Members make a commitment to support the farm throughout the season and purchase a share of the harvest, which is usually delivered weekly to a convenient drop location.

A handful of local farms offer CSA programs with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Boxes are mostly organic and all seasonal and fresh. Following are six options, but note some may have limited supplies or no memberships available at this time:

An urban organic farm on one-half acre in West Sacramento, Humble Roots produces organic and biodynamic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Families can explore the land, care for the animals and chat with a farmer. A “Cosmopolitan” membership is $34 a week. While a full year commitment is expected, payments can be made monthly. Visit

A 200-acre organic farm in Winters, Terra Firma has been growing vegetables and fruit for more than 30 years. About 1,200 households receive vegetables grown on 150 acres, while the other 50 acres produce fruits and nuts. Terra Firma produce can be found at Davis Food Co-op, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and Nugget Markets. Boxes range from $20 to $41. Visit

A small group of farmers is dedicated to being fruitful in the community through agriculture. Members support H&K farmers and their agro-ecological methods. A variety of weekly food boxes are available from $29 to $702. Half shares range from $18.50 to $320 for veggies, fruits or honey and nuts. Visit

Located near Dixon on 105 acres of organic farm and pasture land, Eatwell has provided members with fresh-picked produce and pasture-raised chicken eggs for more than 20 years. Members receive weekly boxes, and Eatwell grows 90 percent of everything that goes into its boxes. Anything else comes from local organic farms. A weekly newsletter describes the contents and features recipies. The family box is $32; the two-person box is $24.50. Visit

An organic farm in Capay, Good Humus started in 1993 with 10 friends. Now the farm has about 175 families who receive vegetables and fruit 48 weeks a year. Fruit, flowers and bread from Village Bakery in Davis are available. The Veggie Box is $220 for 12 weekly deliveries and contains seasonal, organic veggies and fruits. The Fruit Bag is $195 for 12 weekly deliveries of seasonal, organic fruit with occasional dried fruit and nuts. Flower bouquets are available at $105 for 12 weekly deliveries. Fresh bread is $40 for 12 weekly deliveries. Visit

If you have a vegetable garden, fruit trees or even a few egg-laying chickens, consider creating your own CSA. Start by asking neighbors if they are interested in contributing, then decide which vegetables or fruits would be most appealing. Host a meeting or virtual gathering to determine the details. Start small and see how it grows.

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