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Treatment First

The homeless crisis has defied all solutions advanced by local and state politicians. In Sacramento, strategies to end the crisis have only made the problem worse, with increased numbers of people living on our streets.

The challenges are complex and seemingly endless. Homeless people struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Many suffer from mental illness and physical health issues. Some engage in criminal behavior. Few are prepared for employment opportunities.

Gregory Kondos, 1923-2021

Sacramento artist Gregory Kondos passed away in late March. He was 97 and worked in his studio most days until his death.

Marathon Man

Denis Zilaff knows what it takes to run 92,000 miles because he’s done it. Among the requirements are two good hips and a functional mitral valve. The hips keep the legs moving. The valve prevents blood from flowing backward into the heart.

When his hips began to fail and his mitral valve became floppy, Zilaff was in trouble, mostly because he wanted to keep running. The repairs were piecemeal and took about two years. Delays were caused by the pandemic and the fact that doctors won’t fix two hips and one heart in a single marathon surgery.

Her Way

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It’s a time to acknowledge the contributions of Asian Pacific Islander Americans.

Maeley Tom is a notable member of the Asian Pacific Islander community. She’s lived in Pocket for decades and last year published a memoir, “I’m Not Who You Think I Am: An Asian American Woman’s Political Journey.”

Gathering Place

Most days, it’s easy to miss The Creative Space. Situated on the busy corner of 16th and U streets in Midtown, its unassuming brick facade competes with an adjacent flower shop display. But come back during one of its bimonthly events, and you’ll find the bare sidewalk filled with a variety of pop-up shops.

At the center are sisters Jennifer and Remy Tokunaga. Both were raised in Sacramento. Both have straight black hair and business degrees. Both are alumni of the Disney Institute, The Walt Disney Company’s professional development program. To them, passing on their experience is an integral part of making Sacramento a city they are proud to live in. Their shared passion for community building is tangible and infectious.

Star Reborn

Desperate for something to feel good about amid the city’s boarded-up storefronts and quiet office buildings? Make your way to the 2700 block of K Street. It should lift your spirits.

The spring afternoon I went there, a crane dangled steel beams high above rooftops, workers delicately handled decorative terra cotta and an energetic Roger Hume bounced around from floor to floor. The frenetic scene belonged to one of the more complex and promising rehabilitation projects in recent Sacramento history.

Looking For Excuses

Looking For Excuses

One guaranteed way to get my attention is to say somebody needs to build a gate near the Sacramento River Parkway levee.

After all, thanks to Inside Sacramento, I’ve spent the last seven years helping Pocket community members erase nine cross-levee gates that blocked public access to the city’s original treasure.

It’s been a tough fight against a small group of property owners who live along the levee and think they own the river. Some of their fences have stood for five decades.

Time For Priorities

Time For Priorities

Budget season is upon us! This is the time of year when Sacramento County leadership and the five supervisors start discussing what the funding priorities will be for the next fiscal year.

Although the economic fallout from COVID-19 has created uncertainty about the amount of revenue the county can expect in future years, we are fortunate to be receiving a large influx of federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to help meet our fiscal needs in 2021–22.


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