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Creative Method

Trio helps frame, pack, deliver and install art

By Cecily Hastings
December 2022

Creating and producing art is one thing. When it’s showtime, art needs help.

Three colleagues and friends, each with experience in art, framing and installation, have a new service for helping clients display creative works.

Dave Saalsaa managed University Art for more than two decades. Jaya King worked at the store and made art in encaustic melted wax and acrylic paint. Conan Ridzik was the shop’s framing department production manager.

“All three of us kind of have our own strengths. And together we complement each other,” Ridzik says. “So we decided to bring together art, framing, installation and delivery in a complete package.”

They launched Method Framing during pandemic lockdowns, taking advantage of forced time off. The shop has been open about a year, and features a framing gallery with a production workshop, storage space and studio for King.

Saalsaa—whose art installation business has long been in demand—spends most days packing, moving, delivering, and hanging art and installing sculpture. Clients include homeowners, galleries and businesses.

“Our personalized consultations take into account selecting the best materials to fit your project, including the piece itself, your personal style and the location where the piece will eventually live,” Ridzik says.

“Method has an outstanding selection of frames ranging from traditional to contemporary, with some profiles marrying the two styles with pops of lacquered paint,” says designer Cheryl Holben. “Conan and their frame designer Cierra can be considered artists themselves, as they offer clients unmatched skill in aiding the selection process.

“Creatively, they place an emphasis on the artwork by consistently choosing frames that complement the painting or photograph, and doing so in a way that meets their clients’ budget parameters.”

Saalsaa delivers and completes the installation. “Dave has an impeccable eye,” Holben says. “His work is of exceptional quality, and his clients benefit from having a designer and installer all in one. He constantly challenges the norm when it comes to art installations in both home and business settings and consistently creates an unexpected and thought-provoking focus on the art.”

Ridzik says, “While Method is equipped to offer the full-service approach, we can absolutely assist with framing only, or delivery or installation or any combo of our three areas of expertise.”

Method Framing is at 1791 Tribute Road, Suite A. For more information, visit or call (279) 200-2073.

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