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As a senior writer for The Sacramento Bee, Dan Vierria covered media, food, restaurants, pop culture/trends and home & garden. Currently, he is a freelance writer, social media page administrator and certified University of California Master Gardener for Sacramento County.

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Pruned Ambitions

No weed survives to spread seeds another day in my garden. Tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers overpopulate kitchen counters and fill refrigerator bins in summer. I wander the yard daily, hand pruners ready, to deadhead and shape annuals and perennials. This must stop in 2022.

Not one to declare New Year resolutions, reassessing garden duties recently struck me as a necessity. Following a year of distracted gardening because of home remodeling projects, COVID chaos and minor health challenges, it became obvious I needed to reconsider how I garden.

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Strategy Shift

Crazy weather and alarming environmental catastrophes suggest Sacramento gardeners may want to rethink old school strategies and practices. What worked a few years ago does not necessarily guarantee success today.

Gardeners and plants have been forced to deal with smoke and ash from wildfires, unusually hot stretches of summer heat, milder winters and strict water conservation because of persistent drought. Not yet apocalyptical threats, but reason to tweak things in your favor.

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House Rules

A self-described “bratty teenager,” Lori Ann Asmus saved her best attitude for houseplants.

“My mom was an avid gardener, but I really wasn’t interested in working with her,” Asmus says. “I would buy these little indoor plants and then kill them in short order by being uber-responsible, watering them every day, sometimes twice a day. I didn’t have success with houseplants until I went to college, where I didn’t have time to love them to death.”

All grown up, Asmus owns The Emerald City Interior Landscape Services. Chances are you have gazed upon her “interiorscapes” in Sacramento businesses such as The Citizen Hotel, Eskaton Village, and lobbyist, attorney and doctor offices. She designs and maintains indoor plants for mostly business clients

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Fall Into Shape

Fall Into Shape It’s prime time for a garden workout By Dan Vierria October 2021 Colossal piles of...

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Fall Forward

Hot, sweaty and longing for the cooler embrace of fall, Sacramento gardeners have decisions and chores looming. Ready or not, transitioning from summer to fall gardening begins now. Drag yourself off the sofa and visit nurseries, hardware stores, fall plant sales and online sites, if needed, to prepare for the coming months. Need guidance? Happy to help!

Last call to fertilize citrus: Feed citrus trees for the final time in late summer. Any later and resulting tender new growth may be susceptible to frost damage. Container-grown citrus trees may accept an additional early fall application of fertilizer because more frequent watering flushes out fertilizer.

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