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Ambassador of friendliness celebrates 25 years at McDonald’s

By Seth Sandronsky
May 2021

Sacramento resident Timothy Sheehan works as a hospitality ambassador at the McDonald’s on Watt Avenue near Myrtle in North Highlands. He recently celebrated 25 years of employment.

Sheehan brightens the lives of customers on a daily basis. That’s a big part of his job.

“Timmy is a breath of fresh air,” says Faris Abdelshaid, McDonald’s director of operations. “He is always punctual and makes everyone around him feel better. He brings warmth, joy and smiles to every customer and fellow employee he meets.”

With Sheehan’s employer averaging 1,200 customers a day, according to Abdelshaid, there are many opportunities for the hospitality ambassador to spread good cheer to patrons. But that’s not all he does. Working 20 hours a week, Sheehan also greets customers, busses tables, and helps maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and customer lobby.

A graduate of Mira Loma High School, Sheehan has cerebral palsy. PRIDE Industries, which operates in Sacramento and across the U.S., helped Sheehan find employment at McDonald’s in 1996. PRIDE Industries collaborates with employers, such as McDonald’s, to help people with disabilities secure stable employment.

“Timmy came to us 25 years ago wanting to work,” Caryl Balko, job developer with PRIDE Industries, says. She is effusive in her praise for Sheehan. “Timmy is very social and people-oriented. He knows his job. In fact, he knows everybody and everybody knows him.”

Sheehan’s outgoing nature has made him stand out at McDonald’s. Gloria McNally of PRIDE Industries is Sheehan’s job coach. Regularly, she checks in on him, assessing his and his employer’s needs, offering support if and when necessary.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheehan rode the bus to and from work. But the pandemic has changed his transportation routine. Now, Sheehan’s parents, Dorothy and Timothy, drive him to his job and often stay to eat and relax as their son works his shift.

If you think all work and no play define Sheehan, think again. Before and after work, he enjoys shooting hoops in the driveway at home, going for long walks and speaking with a friend across the street. He also does daily chores, helping Dorothy with household tasks such as taking out the garbage. “He is a very neat kid,” she says.

The next time you are in the area of Watt and Myrtle, stop by McDonald’s and congratulate Sheehan on 25 years of friendly and efficient service to our community.

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