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Jessica Laskey is a freelance writer and professional actress who has lived and worked in Sacramento, San Francisco, Dallas, New York City and Paris. She is also the co-founder of Theater Galatea and Indomita Press.

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Reaching for the Stars

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what you were looking at? Chuck Real could probably tell you, as could the roughly 200 other members of the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society, one of the oldest astronomy clubs in America.

Founded in 1945 by 50 amateur astronomers, SVAS is celebrating 75 years as an educational nonprofit dedicated to teaching people about the beauty and complexity of the cosmos. For Real, who took over as SVAS president in March, the organization’s activities are a way of sharing his lifelong love of astronomy with amateurs young and old.

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To Market!

When COVID-19 shut down businesses, Inside Sacramento created TAKE THE 100% LOCAL PLEDGE, a campaign to encourage Sacramentans to buy from local businesses—be it food, products or services—to help them stay afloat in the tenuous economy.

When Bryce McKernan noticed his favorite farmers markets in Midtown and Oak Park experiencing similar struggles, he decided to make buying local even easier. He created Marketbook, a virtual marketplace that brings locally made products and produce to the Sacramento community via an online platform modeled after e-commerce site Etsy.

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The Art of Survival

When COVID-19 forced the closure of local galleries, the Sacramento arts community began a fight for its life. No longer able to welcome visitors to view art in person, galleries had to figure out other ways to keep their clients engaged—and their artists afloat.

“The word ‘pivot’ is used frequently these days to describe how businesses are trying to adjust at this time, but pivot doesn’t quite seem adequate for how rapidly (health protocols) change,” says Nisa Hayden of the Hayden Arts Agency, which represents local artists and galleries. “It feels more like a pirouette to me. We are spinning so fast right now and the only way to stay balanced is to select your spot and hold it. The making and marketing and selling of art demands unblinking focus.”

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Name That Tune

Did you know a pair of headphones and an iPod can transform lives?

Forrest Reed does, and he’s made it his mission to share the power of music with as many people as possible through his work planning benefit concerts for the music therapy advocacy nonprofit, TunesWork.

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