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Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds Sales from Assistance League store help community By LeAne H. Rutherford June 2023 Customers discover “fabulous finds” when they shop at the Assistance League of Sacramento’s upscale resale business on Fulton Avenue. The Assistance League...

Taking Care

Taking Care Physicians find concierge medicine works for many By Jessica Laskey June 2023 It’s 7 p.m., most doctors’ offices are closed, and you have a medical concern. You call your physician and who picks up? Your physician. In a brief conversation,...

Born To Serve

Wendy Bruns has attended a lot of births. So many that she’s become a hot commodity for friends and family giving birth who want a supportive person in the room.

“Birthwork is definitely a calling,” says Bruns, a Sonoma County native who earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. “I had a friend who got pregnant at 19 and the dad wasn’t in the picture, so I went to every prenatal appointment with her and was there when she gave birth to my godson. I hadn’t seen anything about birth except on TV, so I watched birth videos and learned everything I could. Then I attended my nephew’s birth and other friends’ and family’s births and people started saying, ‘You should do this as a career.’”

Ounce Of Prevention

Sheila Boxley sees truth in the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” at her job as president and CEO of The Child Abuse Prevention Center.

“I strongly believe we need to give people the support they need when they need it rather than waiting for tragedy,” says Boxley, who celebrates 25 years at the helm of the center. “We’ve all had that moment where we’ve needed somebody to help us.”

The center began as the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento in 1977, a small agency serving only Sacramento County. (Every county has one child abuse prevention council.) Over the past 45 years, it has been asked to replicate and expand its programs and services locally and statewide, adopting multiple agencies along the way.

Lovin’ From The Oven

Lovin’ From The Oven Family-owned pizza restaurant keeps community fed By Jessica Laskey May 2023 It’s no surprise to learn Shelly Tyler and Wendy Williams love pizza. They eat it at least twice a week. The two best friends are co-owners of Wenelli’s...

Making Magic

Music is magic. Just ask the 200 students at Martucci Music.

Gabriella Martucci, founder and owner of the new school near McKinley Park, says, “Students have embarked on a physical and psychological journey that will shape them into whatever they want to be.” Music transforms.

“Music is a positive force for healing,” Martucci says. “It makes us aware of what we are feeling.”

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