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Take A Hike

Here’s one cheap and easy way for sports fans to improve their chances of living longer and healthier lives: Park on 15th Street and walk to an event at Golden 1 Center. The secret to longevity can be found in each step. October may be the perfect month for walking in Sacramento. The blazing summer heat has eased. The dreary skies and soaking winter rains have not arrived. Pollen counts are reasonable. And the benefits of a hearty walk improve each time a new medical research study is published. Read More

Century of Aces

Sutter Lawn Tennis Club celebrates its 100th birthday in September, which prompts one Grand Slam question: How did the little East Sacramento jewel manage to last a century? A tempting story would tell how Sutter Lawn’s guardians intuitively aced the future and moved with the times at 39th and N streets. They adapted to changing tastes, acquired nearby properties and relentlessly expanded to become the city’s dominant sports facility. Read More
Two tennis players at Sutter Lawn Tennis Club

Stand-Up Guy

A comedy club owner once told Grant Lyon that to get booked, he needed three things: to be very funny, to be easy to work with and to be able to sell tickets. “I can’t sell tickets yet,” Lyon says, “but two out of three is still pretty good.” Read More
comedian Grant lyon telling a joke

Ballroom Glitz

When you step inside The Ballroom of Sacramento, you have stepped into a bygone era. The spacious ballroom floor is roughly the size and color of a basketball court. Throughout the mirror-walled dance floor, strings of tiny lights snake up 20 feet of support beams. Fred Astaire wearing a top hat and tails would feel right at home. Read More
Sacramento Ballroom owner Linda Infante posing with an instructor

Hitting Back

Hitting Back Melissa Ausilio boxes her way to business success By R.E. Graswich August 2019 The thing about getting punched in the face, Melissa Ausilio says, is you either like it or you don’t. Ausilio realized she liked it when she was 21. She was in a boxing ring, wearing boxing gloves and gear, and circling and throwing jabs at her opponent. The experience was thrilling. But a punch in the face was still a punch in the face. “There’s no middle ground with boxing,” she says. “You learn pretty quickly whether it’s the sport for you or not.” Read More
Boxer Melissa Ausilio poses with golden gloves from Revolheart

A Family Affair

Josh Nelson, co-founder and CEO of The Kitchen, along with stepdad Randall Selland, mom Nancy Zimmer and sister Tamera Baker have recently earned themselves a Michelin star—the first one ever to be awarded in the Sacramento region. There’s something special about this family that sets them apart. Aside from stellar food, a strong local following (Selland’s Family Restaurant Group, anyone?) and an unshakeable bond, keeping customers at the forefront of everything is their recipe to success. I had the pleasure of chatting with Nelson—while he was on a family trip to Hawaii, no less—about their journey, what guests can expect from The Kitchen and everything in between. Read More
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