Oak Park

Old Soul Co.

Serendipity describes the concept of Old Soul Co. The owners, Tim Jordan and Jason Griest (shown), first met over coffee. Jordan was one of Griest’s first customers when Griest opened Naked Coffeehouse in 2002. Four years later, these two talented men formalized their ideas for artisanal breads and coffee roasting into a business partnership that advanced Sacramento’s reputation as one of the best independent and craft coffee cities in the United States.

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La Venadita

With décor inspired by the artistry of Frida Kahlo’s masterpiece “The Wounded Deer,” this hotspot for creative Mexican food is a homecoming for restaurateur Thomas Schnetz and his brother and business partner, David. The Schnetzes grew up in Sacramento and opened their first restaurant locally before establishing a string of successful eateries in the Bay Area.

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