Diverse Viewpoints from Sacramento

Care Commitment

For the first time in years, stakeholders in Sacramento are committed to a single plan to end homelessness. While the situation is bleak on the streets, this commitment is new and can be a game-changer.

The key to success is the shared vow of all partners to move forward with action, services and resources. This means we work together.

No Kidding

In November, voters elected three new City Council members. Two represent a new generation of leadership, Oak Park’s Caity Maple, 31, and Karina Talamantes, 33, of Natomas. Both earned their jobs in vigorous campaigns where they reached constituents and gained trust.

Soon, they will be joined on the council dais by another young person with a voice in council deliberations.

But this person will be different: hand-picked, never winning an election, never engaged with Sacramento voters. Why? Because a different City Council, in power days before Maple, Talamantes and Lisa Kaplan came on board, decided it was a good idea to have someone—maybe a high school sophomore—sit alongside them and weigh in on complex issues.

Losing Proposition

As crime surges in our neighborhoods, we look to Mayor Darrell Steinberg, our City Council and police department to respond. We want local authorities to make our streets safe again.

But are safe streets even possible when we have councilmembers such as Katie Valenzuela, who advocates to defund police and refuses to hold people accountable in the homeless community who break the law? This is where governments fail.

Our problems don’t stop at the city limits. The surge in crime is directly linked to state law, primarily Proposition 57.

Vote For Our Parks

Carmichael Recreation and Park District is asking—begging—for funds to bring facilities in 13 parks up to scratch. Measure G, a general obligation bond on the November ballot, would yield nearly $32 million for CRPD projects.

A lot of money, sure. But it’s about one-third of what’s needed to cover everything on the district’s wish list. Though no one likes new taxes, few Carmichaelites would prefer the consequences if the measure fails.

Our parks and facilities are in bad shape. Most were built 60 years ago. Since then, the area’s population has grown, amenity use has increased and financial support has diminished. CRPD’s income from facility rentals barely covers maintenance, let alone upgrades.

Shouted Down

The plan was to gather at Land Park Drive and Broadway. We wanted to show support for law enforcement and express concerns over crime and the degraded quality of life in Land Park.

We wanted to hold city leaders accountable for our safety.

The demonstration began at 10 a.m. on Sept. 10. Land Park neighbors greeted each other and compared homemade signs. They discussed the spread of crime in their neighborhood. Signs said, “No on the increase in crime,” “Safe neighborhoods” and “Support our Sacramento Police Department.”

‘Forward-Thinking Strategy’

‘Forward-Thinking Strategy’ Councilmembers call for yes vote on Measure L By Jay Schenirer and Rick Jennings Measure L would help keep our kids healthy, housed and safe, and our city safer, without raising taxes. Measure L would require the city to set...

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