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Three local ballot measures are poised to grab a share of the limelight in the 2020 election cycle. One is certain to appear on the March 3 primary ballot. Two others may work their way into the Nov. 3 general election. None should be overlooked.

Off The Streets

A new way to manage the homeless problem is making its way across California. It’s called civil conservatorship for the chronically unsheltered, and it’s gaining traction.

In October, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 40, which enhanced existing laws that allow three counties to obtain conservatorships over mentally ill homeless people who can’t care for themselves. For now, the law is limited to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. It’s time to expand the scope and reach of civil conservatorships.

Up In Smoke

Ukrainian-born Andrey Kukushkin is a man in the middle. He has roles in two scandals, one consuming Washington, D.C., and the other rocking Sacramento City Hall and the local regulated pot industry.

Kukushkin is one of four men indicted by federal prosecutors for allegedly trying to channel offshore money into the campaigns of U.S. politicians to gain entry into pot industries in Nevada, New York and other states.

Sacramento Strong

Sacramento received some good news recently. You might have missed it. There was no announcement, no media briefings. There were a few brief and whispered acknowledgements around City Hall, the kind where someone smiles tightly and says, “I just want you to know.”

Here’s the good news: There will not be another strong mayor campaign in Sacramento, at least not in the bankable future, and not conducted by Darrell Steinberg. After 11 years of plotting and dreaming that extended across two uniquely ambitious mayoral administrations, reality has been accepted at the center office on the fifth floor at City Hall.

Sacramento CIty Hall on a sunny day with pedestrians walking in front of the building

Look to Modesto

Every time I see a homeless encampment, I feel disheartened. They are among the least healthy environments in our city, rife with crime, trash, unsanitary conditions, open drug use, discarded needles and despair.

Tent encampments are testaments to our failure as a community and society to deal with the scourge created by drug addiction, mental infirmity and the economic factors that compel people to live on the streets.

Homeless encampment in Modesto, California

A Separate Peace

America is binging on outrage because liberals are arrogant elitists recklessly opening our borders and bankrupting the country, while conservatives are hateful bigots bent on destroying the environment and oppressing poor people.
Neither statement is true, but both stereotypes feed the outrage addiction that has become the default narrative of public dialogue.

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