Sacramento Food Bank Needs Donations and Volunteers

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is calling on the community to donate and volunteer during this public health emergency.

April 2020
By Cathryn Rakich

SFBFS is seeing increased cost in its operations. Agencies, school districts, local officials, families and individuals are reaching out that have never needed the services before. “We are finding our resources stretched and we urgently recognize the need for our community to come together to help feed our neighbors,” says SFBFS President and CEO Blake Young.


For every $1 donated, SFBFS provides five meals for a family in need. To donate, visit

SFBFS is also looking for volunteers between 10 and 64 years old with no underlying medical conditions. To access volunteer opportunities, visit

For information on Food for Seniors, visit or call (916) 456-1980.

For families and individuals in need of food, visit or call (916) 456-1980.

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