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Lost But Not Forgotten

Many of us know of the Transcontinental Railroad—a significant venture in United States history when an expansive railway system was built to connect our country in ways people could only imagine. However, not all are aware of what went into constructing such a large undertaking and what it cost a specific group of people—Chinese workers.

The California State Railroad Museum has set out to expand our knowledge with an exhibit called the Chinese Railroad Workers’ Experience. Between 1865 and 1869, approximately 15,000 Chinese migrants, comprising 90 percent of the railroad workforce, labored at a grueling pace and in treacherous conditions to help construct America’s first Transcontinental Railroad.

Sounds Of Hope

When Sohail Al-Jamea first moved to Sacramento in summer 2017, one of the first things he did was form a band.
“Forming a band is the best way to meet people,” says Al-Jamea, a video animator for McClatchy Studios who “city-hopped” from his hometown of Burlingame to San Francisco to New York City to Washington, D.C., before returning to California to be closer to family. “As soon as I get to a new city, I post an ad for bandmates on Craigslist.”

Doggone Good

If you take your pet to Sacramento Animal Hospital on H Street, you’re probably familiar with the adorable brightly colored animal portraits that decorate the treatment rooms.

They are the works of multi-talented East Sacramento artist Nikki Solone, who has been making art for as long as she can remember, but got turned onto her biggest creative niche—pet portraits—almost by accident.

Norma Lovell

The first thing you notice when you walk into Norma Lovell’s Curtis Park home is that every available wall surface is covered with stunning oil paintings. Portraits, tasteful nudes, animals—each image beautifully detailed with a liveliness that transfixes.

When you find out that Lovell painted every single one—many over the last 10 years since she fully dedicated herself to oil painting—the interior landscape becomes that much more impressive.

Publish, Not Perish

To publish one book is an accomplishment. To publish three—all at the same time—is nothing short of a miracle. But that’s exactly what David Flanagan, adman extraordinaire and Land Park-based author, did this summer.

“Ideas just started pouring out of me,” says Flanagan, whose name probably sounds familiar. He co-founded ad agency Crocker Flanagan and has since started others, including his current brand and marketing agency Misfit, which boasts clients like Old Sacramento, Visit Sacramento and Sacramento International Airport.

World-Class Jazzman

For a jazzman of the world like saxophonist, composer and educator Jacam Manricks, it seems almost inevitable that his music would offer a fusion of influences.
Manricks grew up in Australia, and his parents played classical music at the symphony in his hometown of Brisbane. However, Manricks’ grandfather led a swing band in Sri Lanka, and Manricks fell in love with jazz through his father’s vinyl collection. Jazz and classical music come together in Manricks’ music, but he also points out influences of hip-hop and heavy metal.

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