California’s primary election is March 3. All registered voters in Sacramento County will be mailed their ballots beginning Feb. 3. You can either mail in your ballot, personally deliver it to a secure drop-box location or vote in person at a Vote Center of your choice.
To mail in your ballot, place your marked ballot inside the provided envelope, sign the envelope and return it with the required postage. If delivering your ballot in person, a complete list of drop-box locations can be found online or in the Voter Information Guide that will accompany the ballot package you receive in the mail.
With the passage of the California Voter’s Choice Act, traditional polling places have been replaced with selected Vote Centers located throughout the county. Certain centers will open Feb. 22 and all will be open Feb. 29 through Election Day. Voters can choose when and where to vote that’s convenient for them.
For more information, visit the Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections website at or call (916) 875-6451.


March 3rd


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