Master of Reinvention

East Sac business owner starts yet another venture

By Jessica Laskey
October 2021

Todd Patterson has lived many lives in his nearly six decades. The Sacramento native has resided all over the country and has owned all kinds of businesses, many in East Sacramento.

After serving in the Navy, Patterson did “a little of this, a little of that,” which included a stint in the fashion industry. That job took him to Fashion Weeks all over the world, but he eventually landed back in Sacramento working for an East Sac real estate company.

When Patterson’s boss bought the Parcel Plus retail store at 3104 O St. and asked for help turning it around, Patterson had no idea it would become his next career.

“My parents owned parcel and packaging businesses in Arizona,” Patterson says, “but I never would have thought that’s where I’d end up.”

Patterson bought Parcel Plus from his colleague and transformed it into a bustling operation that’s still going today, now under different ownership. He remodeled the store and introduced payment stations for utility companies, which brought in 500 people a day and helped the business grow.

When his partner got a job at California State University Monterey Bay, Patterson found himself selling Parcel Plus and moving to Carmel in 2000. He thought a peaceful retirement was in his future. But Carmel wasn’t what he expected, so a year later he moved back to Sacramento and started another business—hot dog carts.

“Working only 11 to 3 Monday through Friday was wonderful,” says Patterson, who got the City Council to resurrect a historic ordinance allowing street cart vendors around the Capitol. “But I eventually realized that I didn’t want to work out in the weather, so I sold the carts.”

Another business venture ensued: State Capitol Concierge, a service Patterson describes as “doing things (Republicans or Democrats) wanted done but couldn’t be party to.” Eight months in, the business wasn’t moving as quickly as he hoped, so he closed shop and spent the next few years designing fireplaces and custom mantles, and kicking around the idea of buying a restaurant—until a fateful smog test for his car.

“I had bought a car and after getting it smogged, they told me to go down the street to a woman who does registration and title,” Patterson recalls. “I thought, you can do that and not have to go to the DMV?” The experience sparked an idea. Seven months later, Patterson opened Quick & EZ Title and Tags—the only state-licensed DMV business partner in East Sac—two doors from his former parcel business.

“I’m licensed to do all things related to vehicle registration and title for the state of California,” Patterson says. “And you don’t have to stand in a long line to do it.”

The business, open since May, has been a great fit for Patterson, who loves serving the neighborhood of East Sac. Unsurprisingly, he’s already thinking of ways to diversify. He plans to start managing fleet services.

“By paying attention and being in the right place at the right time, I’ve been very fortunate in business,” he says. “I’ve never been afraid to take a risk. Nothing is ever a failure if you learn something from it.”

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