The Real Deal

Personal stylist wants you to look your best

By Jessica Laskey
January 2021

Jennifer Sattler is the first person to admit that “fashion is fluffy—but it also makes a big difference.”

Now striking out on her own after 20 years as a personal stylist at Nordstrom, Sattler is all about how clothing makes you feel—and it doesn’t need to be designer to make you feel your best.

“It’s not just about the brand, it’s about your aesthetic, your lifestyle, what resonates with you,” she says. “Whether it’s Target or Chanel, you have to know what works for you.”

If you don’t have a clue, allow Sattler to lend a hand. The bubbly but thoughtful stylist offers in-person consultations to whip your wardrobe into shape, helping you choose what to toss and what to keep. She can even create a digital “look-book” of potential outfits to scroll through when you’re feeling stuck or need to pack for a trip.

Need a shopping buddy who can steer you straight when you go into a store? Sattler can tag along and help you find the perfect pieces that fit you well and work best for your lifestyle. And if you just need some fashion inspiration, Sattler’s blog and Instagram, both called “Closet Choreography,” contain enough tips and tricks to get you through any season—even a pandemic—with style.

“How we dress and how we shop has changed,” says Sattler, who moved to L.A. from her childhood home in Placerville to study fashion merchandising and talked her way into her first job at Nordstrom in Huntington Beach. “Our needs have changed. Maybe all you’re going to do today is brush your teeth, put on Chapstick and maybe a bra if you’re feeling ambitious. We might be staying home, but at least we can get dressed.”

Sattler moved back to Northern California when the Nordstrom at Roseville Galleria opened in 2000 and transferred to the Sacramento store when she had kids 10 years ago. She loved working for Nordstrom, but when the pandemic forced the Arden Fair outpost to close, she had to find a different way to pursue her passion.

“I’ve done this for 20 years,” Sattler says. “I was born to do it and I’m not done doing it—I’m only 41—so I had to pivot. Customers aren’t going into stores now because it’s harder to find everything in one place. More people are shopping online, so I had to change the way I shop too.

“I think I’m actually of better service to people now on my own. I’m not limited to one resource or one store and I can meet people where their needs are. Would I have had the gumption to go out and do this on my own before? Maybe not, but I’ve had to, so maybe the next best thing has been the best thing all along.”

Since going independent, Sattler has rediscovered her love of local boutiques. She frequently partners with Hector Lopez, owner of the designer vintage store Panache on H Street, to source items both for clients and for blog posts on how to find unique vintage inventory at a great price and support local businesses at the same time.

But no matter where she shops, Sattler is always committed to helping her clients find fashion that speaks to them.
“You have to find what clicks with you,” Sattler says. “The magic is putting someone in what they feel good in—when a style works for you, you’re wearing more than your clothes. You’re wearing confidence.”

For more information, visit or @closetchoreography on Instagram.

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