Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Featured: Inside Sacramento – East Sac

Small-batch coffees brewed from beans harvested within the past 12 months are the rule at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, where the bean is king. Founded in 2008 by husband and wife Andy and Edie Baker, Chocolate Fish Coffee takes its product to extremes. The Bakers and their coffee-loving team travel the world to bring the best beans back to Sacramento. Among the regular stops are Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador. On the road, the Chocolate Fish crew builds personal relationships and tracks the integrity and sustainable farming practices of purveyors. The coffee beans that find their way to Sacramento have passed inspection for microclimates, quality assurance and care in handling. The Bakers even created Specialty Coffee Week to introduce more unique flavors. A “chocolate fish” is a New Zealand confection given as thanks for a good deed. The name reflects the result at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters. Many Sacramento restaurants serve coffee using their hand-roasted beans.

East Sacramento Café & Roastery
4749 Folsom Boulevard
Downtown Coffee Bar
3rd and Q Streets
2940 Freeport Boulevard
Land Park
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