Featured: Inside Sacramento – Downtown

“An experience for the senses” is a promise fulfilled at Tequila Museo Mayahuel, commonly referred to as Mayahuel. This inspiring place succeeds with an impressive environment of colorful sculptures and murals, authentic home-cooked recipes and astonishing selections of tequila. The Sacramento restaurant and bar blend together seamlessly at Mayahuel, which was named after Maya, the daughter of owner Ernesto Delgado. Cultural influences from Mexico appear with a series of rotating art exhibits, mariachi bands and regional food specialties. The home cooking of Delgado’s mother inspires much of the menu. As for the drinks, guests should prepare for an education in the art of tequila. Small batch, artisanal and popular brands are served, along with original cocktails based on tequila. Adventurous agave fans will find a plentiful supply of mescal.

1200 K Street
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