Preservation & Co.

Featured: Inside Sacramento – Downtown 2019

In the hands of Jason Poole and Brad Peters, pickled habanero pepper chips become a work of gastronomical art. Poole and Peters are business partners and brining experts who preserve delicious and healthy produce from local farms without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They capture zesty flavors that make tongues dance. The team behind the “Sacramento born and brined” brand specializes in hand-packed products created in their compact location behind a roll-up door along an industrial stretch of 19th Street. From this hideaway, they sell to more than 400 retail locations across the country. Preservation & Co. features an inventory that includes cocktail mixes—Bloody Mary mix, blackberry and jalapeño margarita—and pickles, sriracha sauces, citrus rosemary salt and ghost pepper salt, plus bar and pantry supplies and clothing. The pickles alone are amazing, from balsamic beet slices, habanero chips, jalapeño onion strips and cayenne carrot sticks, to hefeweizen bread and butter chips, hickory Brussels sprouts, horseradish green beans and black pepper asparagus. The outpost of Preservation & Co. is a gathering place for flavor aficionados, who appreciate the shop’s liberal sampling policy. Many Sacramento restaurants feature their products.

1717 19th Street
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