Mulvaney’s Building & Loan

Featured: Inside Sacramento – The Handle

Patrick Mulvaney is serious when he says, “Whatever comes in the front door goes on your plate.” A leader of the local farm-to-fork revolution, Mulvaney and his wife, Bobbin, built their reputations around the farm-fresh ingredients and local produce that comprise his masterful Chef’s Menus. The offerings at Mulvaney’s Building & Loan change daily to accommodate the harvests and the seasons. The chef’s New American cuisine features complex and delectable dishes like charcuterie, veal sweetbread bruschetta and brace of stuffed quail. Lunch favorites include the open-faced pork scaloppini sandwich with mustard aioli and pickled vegetables. The gastronomic magic comes together in a converted 1893 firehouse. Brick walls, exposed ductwork and repurposed firehouse doors-as-windows give the restaurant a celebratory vibe that blends into a garden patio. Through the leafy adjacent courtyard stands Next Door, Mulvaney’s banquet hall. Next Door features two rooms with bow truss redwood ceilings. The rooms seat 30 or 100 guests, with fine dining assured. This is a must-try Sacramento restaurant!

1215 19th Street
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