Riverside Clubhouse

Featured: Inside Sacramento – Land Park

There were no shortcuts to success in repurposing the old dive bar Hereford House on Riverside Boulevard in Land Park. The dump hadn’t been updated in decades. The neglect required a massive overhaul to produce a beautiful new culinary destination. Today, the Riverside Clubhouse is the pride of Land Park. With a menu built upon traditional American classics and a setting unrivaled, Riverside Clubhouse features a 30-foot wall of water and a three-tiered fireplace on the lovely, secluded patio. There are three 50-inch plasma TV monitors and a spectacular “burning crystal” fireplace in the lounge, which is among the most popular in town. Short ribs, cheesy grits, fish tacos and a killer Cubano sandwich provide alternatives to a classic assortment of burgers at this Sacramento restaurant. The old Hereford cow from generations forgotten watches over the front door.

2633 Riverside Boulevard
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