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As local businesses strive to help the community during the COVID-19 health crisis, five Sacramento restaurants have launched Family Meal, a program that provides thousands of free pre-cooked meals to people in need each week.

Clay Nutting, owner of Canon Sacramento, detailed the program in a post at

Nutting developed the initiative to mobilize independent restaurants as micro-commissaries to create meals for at-risk populations. If funded, this program could help both restaurants and local farmers and purveyors in the farm-to-fork capital of the world, while feeding thousands of residents across the region.

Allora, Camden Spit & Larder, Canon, Binchoyaki and Mulvaney’s B&L prepare, assemble and drop off food kits where needed, including to seniors in Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency apartment buildings.

Allora, Canon and Mulvaney’s also have provided 1,000 meal kits to organizations such as Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, which then redistribute the food among members.

Family Meal also helps small area farmers who sell primarily to restaurants continue to have a revenue stream until restaurants reopen.

Each kit costs $20 to produce, with $15 going toward labor and ingredients. The city of Sacramento will pay for SHRA’s meals, and a private underwriter sponsored Canon’s first 300 kits. However, the program is also seeking community support, corporate underwriting, and state and federal funding.

Every $20 raised will feed one family in need. To sponsor a meal, visit and search for “Family Meal Sacramento.”

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