Fish Face Poke Bar

Featured: Inside Sacramento – R Street

Hawaiian chefs invented poke as a fresh fish appetizer. Sacramento restaurant chef Billy Ngo, whose Kru sushi restaurant took Japanese raw fish delicacies to a new stratosphere, is letting his imagination roam across the deep blue Pacific with Fish Face Poke Bar. Under Ngo’s guidance, humble Hawaiian poke breaks free from its appetizer limitations and becomes a complete meal, complex, surprising and satisfying. Every dish of Fish Face Poke is made to order with green and white onions, seaweed, sesame seeds and a choice of proteins—ahi tuna, octopus, shrimp, Ora king salmon, Passmore Ranch sturgeon, scallops, mussels and tofu. The sauces—including sesame soy, spicy kimchi ponzu, wasabi soy, creamy cilantro pesto or yuzu ponzu—make poke unique and imaginative. Fish Face Poke Bar gets the customers into the game by providing ingredients to customize the dish, including cilantro, jalapeño, rice crisps, crunchy garlic, daikon sprouts, macadamia nuts, seasonal fruit, fish roe and seaweed. The bar is stocked with local beers and stellar sake.

1104 R Street, Suite 100
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