Shoki Ramen House

Featured: Inside Sacramento – R Street

Under the guidance of chef and owner Yasushi Ueyama, ramen becomes a culinary art form that is as much about health and wellbeing as flavor. Following a successful career as a restaurateur and chef in Kobe, Japan, Ueyama and his family arrived in the U.S. in 2001 and opened restaurants in Folsom before founding Shoki Ramen House with co-owner and wife Kathy in Midtown. Ueyama trained at a university as a nutritionist, and wanted to bring the Japanese fine dining style, known as kaiseki, to a Sacramento restaurant. When kaiseki traditions proved a challenge for local diners, Ueyama shifted to the made-from-scratch, wholesome deliciousness of traditional ramen. Shoki Ramen House broths and dishes include no preservatives or MSG. Ueyama purchases ingredients from local farms and uses cage-free, organic eggs and grass-fed beef in his two famous ramen varieties, Blended (featuring wafu broth, a Japanese traditional soup) and Vegetable, served at a precise temperature to maintain the soup’s immense nutrient value.

1201 R Street
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