Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

Featured: Inside Sacramento – Midtown-Sutter

Every lifestyle—omnivore, vegan, raw, paleo, organic, gluten-free and carnivore—can find sustenance at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. The “Co-op,” as fans call the store, was founded as a natural food collective in 1972, a time when organic and natural foods were rare in Sacramento or even in Sacramento restaurants. Today, thousands of members maintain ownership in the co-op, but you don’t have to be an owner to enjoy the bountiful selections found along every aisle. The produce department is 100 percent organic. Many items, including honey, olive oil, jams, cheese, wine and beer, are purchased from local producers. Each produce item is marked with the farm name and location where the food was grown. Educational programs encourage the community to cook, eat and live well. There are cooking classes for all ages, wellness workshops led by local health professionals and farm tours. Artisan products are available daily, and the deli has devoted fans lined up at lunchtime. For warehouse shoppers, the co-op carries more than 700 items to purchase in bulk.

2820 R Street
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