Long Live Lofings

Iconic East Sac Lighting Store is Here to Stay

By Peter Anderson
February 2019

In this age of Home Depot and other impersonal big-box behemoths, it is refreshing—one might even say illuminating—that there are still small business venues that offer one-on-one customer service, nearly 60 years’ worth of expertise, and a family-owned enterprise that enhances both customer needs and community profile.

Lofings Lighting has been a J Street fixture since 1961. Its owner Roy Lofing is one of those tough, crusty, salt-of-the-earth Sacramentans you might run into at a Rotary Club meeting—if Lofing had time for such endeavors.

“We hit the ground running 57 years ago, and it’s been a non-stop marathon from the start,” he says. “To survive, to handle the competition, needs constant vigilance. It’s been hectic and invigorating, and the fact that we’ve kept it in the immediate family all these years fills me with pride.”

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